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Lab Grown Meat


Invest in the Future of Animal Health

with Kermode Biotechnologies


Kermode Biotechnologies is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to combat the devastating African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV). Our cutting-edge vaccine technology is poised to revolutionize the swine industry by providing:

  • Unmatched Efficacy: Our vaccine targets critical viral proteins, inducing a robust immune response that prevents ASFV infection.

  • Cost-Effective Production: Utilizing a novel manufacturing process, we ensure our vaccine is affordable for widespread use.

  • Global Market Potential: Addressing the urgent needs of swine herds in China, Europe, and beyond, with plans to stockpile in the US for rapid deployment.

  • Regulatory Collaboration: Working closely with government regulators to ensure smooth and swift approval and distribution.


Join us in our mission to protect global swine populations and secure the future of the pork industry.

Invest in Kermode Biotechnologies today and be part of a groundbreaking solution with enormous market potential.

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